by Riverdale Press

Going from being a Bronx middle school principal to walking the halls of Congress in less than a year’s time would feel like a whirlwind for most people. But Jamaal Bowman has taken this exact transition in stride.

The congressman has now served on Capitol Hill for eight months now. And so far, Bowman gives his experience in Washington a big thumbs up.

“I think the job is going well,” Bowman said. “I love it. Love my colleagues. Love the team we’ve been able to put together in our office. Just love doing work that’s important and advocating for things that matter to my district and across the country.”

Bowman left the classroom last year to run against Eliot Engel — a 32-year incumbent who chaired the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee. Running to Engel’s left, Bowman championed progressive ideas like universal health care, housing as a human right, and ending poverty.

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