November 23, 2021

Rep. Bowman Introduces National Day of Healing Resolution

NEWS: Rep. Bowman Introduces National Day of Healing Resolution 

New York – Today, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (NY-16), announced the introduction of the National Day of Healing Resolution to culminate his “Week of Healing” to combat violence and promote collective healing in New York’s 16th Congressional District. Congressman Bowman introduced this legislation alongside Representatives Karen Bass (D-CA), Cori Bush (D-MO), and Bobby Rush (D-IL). This resolution designates May 18 as a National Day of Healing.

“Over the last two years, families in my district and across the country have faced a global pandemic, struggled to remain employed and housed, and endured traumatic displays of racial injustice – not to mention that at a moment’s notice, they could find themselves impacted by yet another pandemic: violence,” said Congressman Jamaal Bowman. “While COVID-19 impacted our lives and livelihoods, violent crime rates have risen sharply, and I believe that it is our moral imperative and responsibility to do everything in our power to address violence, in all its forms, as the public health crisis that it is. My legislation helps our community and our country take a moment to reflect and take steps forward in our journey toward collective healing by designating May 18th as a National Day of Healing and making clear that the federal government has an undeniable responsibility to address violence by also addressing its root causes like poverty, and housing and food insecurity to name a few. I’m thankful for the unwavering partnership of Representatives Bass, Bush, and Rush in recognizing the urgent need for this people-centered legislation and look forward to continued collaboration. There is no doubt that together and through awareness, compassion, and visionary policy like the Build Back Better Act which would allocate $2.5 billion for community violence and trauma intervention  programs that center our communities, we can eradicate violence once and for all.”

In an effort to bring attention to the need to address violence through the funding of innovative solutions like trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, violence intervention and prevention programs, hospital-based violence prevention, and more, Congressman Bowman led a Week of Healing in New York’s 16th Congressional District. Congressman Bowman’s Week of Healing consisted of community conversations, briefings, and several announcements that will help NY-16 to overcome trauma, violence, and promote healing. To learn more about Congressman Bowman’s Week of Healing, click here.

“Time and time again, we approach solutions to violence in our communities from a reactionary lens rather than taking a proactive approach,” said Representative Karen Bass (D-CA). “It is a moral imperative that we eliminate community violence. I’m proud to introduce this resolution and urge my colleagues to support our efforts to combat violence throughout the country.” 

“Violence is a public health crisis, and I know firsthand the pain and anguish it inflicts on families and communities,” said Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-IL). “Unlike with COVID-19, people cannot don a mask and distance themselves from gun violence. Nor is there a vaccine that protects us from bullets. As violence has risen over the past year, many communities in my District have been among those most affected. Together, we must address the epidemic of violence with the urgency it demands by investing in community-based interventions including mental health care, restorative measures for conflict resolution, and violence interruption programs. It remains my fervent and committed belief that we can break the cycle of violence in our communities and save lives. I am proud to join colleague Rep. Bowman today in leading this resolution to raise awareness of violence as a public health crisis and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across this nation who have lost loved ones to violence.”

Violence in our communities and across the country continues to take a severe human toll. Violent crime rates have spiked during the pandemic with murders and nonnegligent manslaughters, for example, rising nearly 30% in 2020. Congress must take concerted action to curtail the spread of violence or risk allowing this vicious cycle to claim more lives.

The National Day of Healing Resolution:

  1. Designates May 18 as a National Day of Healing;
  2. Raises awareness of violence of all kinds by serving as an opportunity to uplift the lived experience of survivors; and
  3. Asserts that the federal government has a responsibility to execute a public health response to reduce violence.