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NEWS: Rep. Jamaal Bowman Celebrates Hard Fought Democratic Wins in Senate-Passed Inflation Reduction Act, Looks to Build More in Future  

Washington, D.C. – On Sunday, Senate Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a package of climate, healthcare, and tax measures to strengthen our economy and bring down costs for people in America. In response to the bill passing, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Ed.D. (NY-16) issued the follow statement:

“Although it is far from everything we wanted, the Inflation Reduction Act is a direct result of progressives leading the way to advance a robust reconciliation package,” said Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Ed.D. (NY-16).The Inflation Reduction Act - which every single Senate Republican opposed - will directly improve lives and livelihoods in Westchester County, The Bronx, and across the country. The Build Back Better Act was a concrete plan to set us on the right path to begin addressing the climate, healthcare, tax fairness, housing, education, immigration and more. It was a reflection of organizers’ work, everyday people’s lives and the heart and soul of communities across America - it was an attempt to make things better. We must be clear that without progressives fighting to pass the Build Back Better Act, we would not have an Inflation Reduction Act today. So, I’m proud to celebrate the wins in this bill. We are taxing big corporations and the rich, we are lowering prescription drug prices, and we are making substantial investments in clean energy that will bring us closer to our climate goals. That is something to honor. Yet we must also honor and fight for those who are being left behind by this deal. I strongly oppose the bill’s fossil fuel giveaways, which are harmful to frontline communities and our climate progress, as well as the removal of insulin price caps for private insurers and tax accountability for ultra-wealthy private equity speculators. We must keep fighting to do more about the climate crisis, healthcare, and tax fairness, and meet priorities in the House-passed Build Back Better Act for housing, child care, education, workers’ rights and immigration justice. I look forward to receiving this bill in the House and working with my colleagues to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, and I urge my colleagues to keep fighting the good fight for the people - this is just a start.”